Maxim Bouchard

Diving head down to Rio.

Happy 48th National Day UAE🇦🇪 fortunate to call you my home for the last 4 years

Suit yourself. Winter is finally around the corner and you can finally be comfortable wearing suits and jackets. Who else loves this weather?

The only place I wanna be right now. Happy weekend everyone.

Managed to get my meetings done just before the rain hit Dubai. Loving this gloomy weather, it reminds me of Canada 🇨🇦

In between meetings . . Head over to my stories to find out what I’ve been up to today😃

Jumping into Monday and a new week with my favourite hoodie.

After nearly 2 weeks, I’ve finally conquered jet lagged and back on regular Dubai time! Excited for a fun week at work 🙌🏻

And now in the big apple. Haven’t been in New York in such a long time, it’s good to be back in one of my favourite cities.

You are love, you are inspiration, you are style, you are joy, you are lessons, you are everything that makes our family who we are. I love you and I will always carry every memory and moment in my heart. I know you will be watching over us. ❤️

One of my favourite thing to do when I’m here is target shooting, something my grand’ma though me when I was a kid ❤️